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Best Gardening Supplies in Malaysia for sale - Free shipping on many items. Browse high-quality watering spikes, plant trim scissors, grass trimmer & other gardening tools online in Malaysia on Idea Hommy. Gardening is a popular hobby that not only promotes physical activity, but also provides a sense of accomplishment and relaxation. However, getting started with gardening can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Fortunately, with the right gardening supplies, anyone can start growing their own plants. Here are some essential gardening supplies that every gardener should have: 1. Soil and compost: Good soil is the foundation of any healthy garden. It should be nutrient-rich and well-draining to support the growth of plants. Adding compost to the soil can improve its structure and provide essential nutrients for plants. 2. Garden tools: A set of garden tools is essential for maintaining a garden. Basic tools such as a shovel, rake, hoe, and trowel will allow you to plant, weed, and harvest your crops. 3. Watering equipment: Water is essential for plant growth, so having a reliable watering system is important. This can include a watering can, hose, and sprinkler. 4. Seeds and plants: Choosing the right seeds and plants for your garden is important. Consider factors such as the type of soil, climate, and amount of sunlight your garden receives when selecting plants. 5. Fertilizers and pesticides: Using fertilizers and pesticides can help you maintain a healthy and productive garden. Organic options are available for those who prefer to avoid synthetic chemicals. 6. Garden décor: Adding decorative items to your garden can enhance its beauty and visual appeal. This can include planters, statues, and garden lights. 7. Protective gear: Gardening can be a messy and potentially hazardous activity, so having protective gear such as gloves, sunglasses, and a hat is important. In addition to these basic supplies, there are many other gardening supplies that can enhance your gardening experience. These can include a greenhouse, a compost bin, and gardening books and magazines. It’s important to note that gardening supplies can vary depending on the type of garden you want to create. For example, a vegetable garden may require different supplies than a flower garden, and an indoor garden may have different needs than an outdoor garden. Regardless of the type of garden you choose to create, investing in good quality gardening supplies will help you achieve the best results. Start with the basics, and gradually add to your supplies as you become more experienced and your garden grows. In conclusion, gardening can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. With the right gardening supplies, anyone can start growing their own plants and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and productive

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